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Two different models to choose from: Models 1V and 3V

Telinject VARIO 1V Breech Loading Blowpipe Rifle

IV Blowpipe RifleAn easily constructed instrument for remote injection, the VARIO 1V Breech Loading Blowpipe Rifle incorporates the Vario 1V breech loading pistol into a nicely fashioned, lightweight wood rifle stock. Just as the pistol takes off from the blowpipe, the 1V Blowpipe Rifle takes off from the pistol providing increased accuracy at longer ranges, 25-30 meters. The 1V Pistol/Rifle can be powered by either air, from a footpump or CO2 instilled via a CO2 unit, which can be attached, permanently to the stock. In either case, conveniently located manometers clearly reveal the amount of pressure, in bars (atmospheres) or lbs./ sq. inch, which the rifle is holding.

The one-way valve in the pistol allows the rifle to be disconnected from the footpump. The 11mm (blowpipe) barrel can easily be removed from the rifle stock and with the addition of a mouthpiece it can be utilized as a blowpipe. The rifle stock can also be equipped to accommodate a 13mm barrel for use with 5ml-20ml Telinject Vario Syringes. Two Vario syringes may be placed in either the barrel, one behind the other, to increase dose volume capabilities. Both syringes will impact the animal within a few inches of each other. When shooting 2 syringes simultaneously the effective, accurate range will be reduced by approximately 20 per cent.


Telinject VARIO 3V Rifle

3V RifleThis "top of the line" rifle is the newest addition to the Vario System. It comes after many years of research and developing. It is powered by a CO2 powerlet, which is conveniently contained beneath the stock. An easy to read pressure gauge is located on the rifle stock; pressure can easily be increased or decreased prior to or during aiming, by use of the simple dial-pressure valve, located above the CO2 holder. There is also a footpump available for the 3V 50 Meter Rifle. The 3V Rifle is a breech block, which enables a quick re-loading of the syringe without removal of the barrel.

The 3V comes with a standard 11mm barrel. There is also a 13mm barrel available for the larger dose syringes. The barrels are ultra easy to change. This highly durable rifle has many features. The body is constructed of heavy gauge steel and the stock is made from fine wood. Aiming takes place through a forward and rear sight; a variety of telescopic sights and laser sights are available.

The effective range of the 3V is 50 meters, or you may wish to purchase the 3V with a 70 meter range. The 3V contains an excellent safety mechanism. It has proven itself in all kinds of conditions, from the glaciers of Alaska to the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

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