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Telinject Blowpipe Practice System: (Click on Thumbnails to view larger images)

PracticePractice Syringes with Practice Needles are Available: The 3 ml practice syringe now comes with a practice needle. The 3 ml practice syringe, with an orange stabilizer, for use with the 11 mm inside diameter blowpipes. They weight approximately the same as a loaded 2 ml or 3 ml Telinject syringe. Use of these allows one to practice using the blowpipe system without damaging the actual blowpipe syringe or needle. A practice needle is also available. This needle has no outlets and when applied to the blowpipe syringe allows the syringe to be loaded with water and primed with air which, like the standard blowpipe practice syringe, weighs approximately the same as a loaded 2 ml, 3 ml, or 5 ml Telinejct syringe. Add a Plastic Stabilizer to the end of the Practice Syringe to practice with the High Performance Long Distance Blowpipe. The practice needle is available with all Telinject syringes.


TargetFiber Target: Practice Target with 40 CM Face

Needles & Syringes | Blowpipe Accessories
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